_MG_5035-V985-V987Natalie Gagnon is a Vancouver-based art director, brand strategist + publishing professional who brings brands and content to life with strategic design and multi-platform publishing. When not busy at her design desk at Vancouver and Western Living magazines or teaching in the publishing program at Simon Fraser University, Natalie is likely creating crochet patterns for her company, Nattypat Crochet; heading to the pottery studio to make pieces for her small business, Nima Stoneware; or designing for clients on contract basis. Past clients include Modern Dog magazine, Modern Cat magazine, Sandman Hotel Group, Sutton Place Hotels, NUVO magazine, and MONTECRISTO magazine.

Natalie believes that successful design is achieved through the creation of immediacy + icon. Immediacy, the need to communicate information and ideas effectively, and icon, a strong and memorable visual identity and form are interdependent. Take one away and the work will be unsuccessful—take immediacy away and the message is lost, take icon away and the message is not remembered. Ask Natalie how you or your business can achieve Immediacy + icon. Email design@nataliegagnon.ca.

Natalie loves to work on: editorial and publication design, corporate identity, advertising, and marketing projects. She also has gigantic soft spots for typography, crochet (she never says no to free yarn), and all things dog.